Watch Repairs

Sending a watch to the manufacturer for servicing can be a painful process. For one they aren't transparent with pricing until the watch needs to be collected, so you could find yourself with a bill for a few thousand dollars, or more. Secondly, they may need to send it off to the head offices which can take a few months before getting notified your watch is available for pickup, without any updates throughout.

Sending a watch to Zaeger for your repairs means transparency, it means you will get a full quote and time frame before we start any repairs. Only once you agree we can start the process. Throughout the entire time we have your watch you are welcome to call us for updates and to see when it will be available for pickup/delivery.

Please see below table for pricing*. All watches sold by us are included in the member's price category. The price for a service does not include the need for spare parts.


 Retail price
 Member's Price
 Battery Change
 Watch Polish
 General Service
 Strap Change


*All prices and indicative only, each watch has its own unique movement, case and parts, therefore, pricing can differ. For a more accurate quote, you can contact us here.