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Sell or trade your watches with us and get the best value for your luxury watches here*.

How does it work:

  1. Call us on 1300 923 437 or email us with any information at
  2. Please include model numbers, age of watch, condition, and any photos if possible.
  3. Bring in to either our Sydney or Melbourne showroom. Alternatively, if you're unable to come in, ask us today for a free shipping label to send us your watch.
  4. Our watch experts will authenticate and value the watch. Once the price is agreed upon we will make payment with either cash, cheque or wire.

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* We buy only 100% authentic and genuine watches. Fakes, replicas, and copies will not pass our inspection. We only purchase watches which belong to you, or you have the authority to sell the watch on behalf of the owner. To sell to us, the person selling needs to provide identification and sign a form of transfer of goods to the property of Zaeger Pty Ltd. Information on stolen watches will be passed along to the NSW fair trading police department and actions may be taken by them.